Mr. Marcus- Custom Cut Specialist


I started high school and enrolled in cosmetology courses throughout high school learning both barbering and cosmetology. I worked in my instructors shop when I was 16. I graduate high school and started college and continued to practice cosmetology in salon while in college. Now I am a Master Barber & Master Cosmetologist that has a vision and a ear for every client I encounter. I have been doing hair for 25 years now and I still love it with an undying passion. I was always told you should enjoy your job so much you would do it for free. Unfortunately I have to pay bills, but I love this job of uplifting a individuals spirit by enhancing there look. What a rewarding experience!!! I offer versatility between the shortest cuts to the longest cuts and everything in between. The health and the cut is the foundation for every hairstyle, and this is what I pride myself of, because it allows the rest of the process to become more vivid. Pleasure to have shared my story with you!!! And you are always welcome to the Marcus Scissorhand Experience!!!